How to Run Two Clash Royale Accounts at the Same Time


Have you ever imagined to run two Clash Royale on your phone? I suppose yes, since there are lots of advantages in doing so.

Previously, we could only make it work by installing android emulators on PC. However, it’s kind of troublesome as we couldn’t do this anytime and anywhere. Today I’d like to show you how to make it on an Android Smartphone.

Here’s the 3 steps’ guidance:

Step 1: Search “Gmail” on Google and find the link to create a new Google account.

Step 2: Download VMOS from Google Play. It’s a free app that generates a new android system on the device when running (the floating window function should be enabled).



Step 3: Download & Run Clash Royale in VMOS, tap the “Minimize” button to get back to the original system. Run Clash Royale, and tap the small ball on the right side of the screen. Then we can see two Clash Royale are running separately.

Now it’s your turn to give a shot!