Prevent your data from remote wiping by the company

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As more and more companies require their employees using business apps or store relevant information on their devices, how to protect the data becomes a hard nut to crack. Under this circumstance, some of them involved the “remote wipe permission”. By signing the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) agreement, employees should give companies access to wipe the data on their phone for business purpose. Actually, a recent survey by Acronis showed that around 21% of companies “perform remote wipes when an employee quits or is terminated.”

Although this is considered to be an efficient way of protecting the interest of companies, a growing number of employees felt to be kind of “offended” by their employers. “It’s just like a loaded gun pointing to my personal data,” said by one of the employees. Another one of them lost all the photos of a relative who had passed away.

In order to avoid the risks, what should we do? Actually, there should be lots of methods. Some companies have a timely reminder to let their employees back up the data. Some employees delete the apps or files for wiping data before resign. These sort of ways are helpful, but they just partially resolved the issue, as the data could still be wiped at any time.

How could we get the risk totally settled? Is it the only way of owning another device for business? The answer is, no. Owning another device is certainly a perfect way to resolve the issue, but it’s lack of cost-performance and convenience. What’s more, there’s even another risk for losing one of the devices. By adding another virtual system to store all the business stuff, and give the company wiping permission for it should be a brilliant way.

Hard to find one? VMOS could help you out. With the VM (virtual machine) technology, VMOS contained a whole Android system inside the app, which allows you to install/delete/run apps just like normal. With the root access equipped, you can put anything you like into the virtual system, and will not affect your physical device. The message penetration function also prevents you from missing any information.

In this way, we could put all the business apps inside the virtual system. Whenever the companies would like to delete them, it would happen only in VMOS, the data in your phone will be stored safe and sound.