Because of the complexity of VMOS as an app and the limitations of the VMOS team, VMOS has continued to receive various types of help since its launch. Hereby, we sincerely thank the following compatriots from all over the world for their help.
People who helped us to translate VMOS to another language
Traditional Chinese: 陳郁政 from Taiwan
Arabic AYMEN GMSM from Saudi Arabia
Spanish Ryo567 from Spain
French AniCraDon from France
Portuguese(BR) Felipe Bezerra Lopes from Brazil
Russian Maksnogin from Russia
Indonesian Wakuma from Indonesia
Turkish Ömer Çimen from Turkey
Vietnamese phjtieudoc from Vietnam
Italian Gabboxl from Italy
People who offered excellent suggestions
In the very beginning of VMOS,Troy(from India) asked VMOS to create telegram group and helped us build it.
wakko69(from USA) find out switching WIFI button can solve "system is preparing" problem.
And some unknown people helped VMOS players.
The one who solved lag before VMOS devs can do anything about it.
The one find out by deleting related Xbin folders VMOS can run Pokemon Go successfully.
PS: Some people who have helped VMOS in the early days, I can't find the corresponding record. Please feel free to remind us by email [email protected] if there is a miss. In addition, please also write to [email protected] if you do not want us to mention the name here.