"We are not just making a difference,we make it even bigger."
The muse of VMOS comes from the Android. After a long term of exploring and developing a method to avoid the risks of root and the compatibility issue of some apps, we finally got the concept and found out of it. That's VMOS. Virtual Machine Operating System.

Huawei Seeks an Opportunity to Cooperate with Google
Not surprisingly, due to being placed on the entity list, Huawei, a China High-Tech giant, is not able to cooperate with Google service. Google was forced to close the "door" - Android operating system to Huawei.Since last year, Huawei launched two flagships —— the mate 30 and P40, which w
Review 30 tips for Android Nougat
Take full advantage of your phone's latest features with this thorough collection of Android 7.0 and 7.1 tips.
Magisk may no longer be able to hidden itself from apps
On the day of 11 Mar, John Wu, the developer of Magisk tweeted So here we go, after years of fun messing around using Magisk, it seems that Google finally decided to "fix" SafetyNet to something useful caused some conversations about the “fix”.As we can see, Magisk and Google hav
How To Access The Hidden Easter Egg Games in Android
We've been using Android for a long time, enjoyed its benefit and convenience. But have you ever discovered the hidden games inside of the system? Get a root virtual android system and try all these features in the virtual machine or Android emulator, you'll find something new.
What Can Root Virtual Machine on Android Do for Daily Life
So many restrictions on Android smartphones? Let's see how a root virtual Android system on Android helps you out. Not only an app cloner, but providing a brand new system. With the virtual system equipped, the usage of Android devices would be largely extended.
Top 8 useful root apps for Android Smartphone 2019
What's the best root Android apps in 2019? If you've got a rooted smartphone, it's worthy to install them. If you haven't, get VMOS and try on the virtual machine! These root apps will do plenty of help for our devices.
How To Deal With the WIFI Issue in VMOS Virtual System
Can't your VMOS connect wifi inside the virtual machine? Follow the 4 steps' guidance to make the network works again.
2 Songs Suit Android Emulator Perfectly and How To Play Them
Everyone has a dream of music. Playing the songs we love by ourselves would be so fascinating. what are you waiting for? Let's do it with your Android smartphone with the virtual system inside!
List of Stuff VMOS Could Help For Android
What can a virtual Android system on Android do to your daily life? If you're seeking a way to watching videos when playing games, listening to your own playlist for some specific games, or playing radio broadcast background, try VMOS to get them settled.
3 Steps to Resolve Lawnchair Issue in VMOS
Have you ever encountered the lawnchair issue inside of VMOS? The issue is quite annoying that it forbid us even entering the desktop. Let's see how we could solve it easily by following the steps. No need to reinstall or reboot, just clicking a few buttons' re enough.
[Tutorial] How to Import Obb Files Into VMOS
There're situations that we couldn't run a game correctly after installing it in VMOS, and the reason is, obb files were not imported correctly. Since VMOS is just an app with a virtual root Android system on Android, is there a way to import these important files? That's basically quite easy. Let's do it!
6 Ways to Make Your Android Device Runs Faster
Android devices are too slow after a long term of using? You're not a single case. Before having a brand new device, try these methods to optimize your smartphone. You'd probably change your mind, and the impression on your current pal!
VMOS (Root Android Emulator) Listed on Appoftheday 2019
VMOS Android Emulator with root access works with and listed on Appoftheday. Read this post or click the link to appoftheday to know more about us, on what's our original purpose and how we think of VMOS.
How to use Google Service on Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 pro
Huawei would be a victim of the trade war between China and the US, but not we users! We need Huawei, and we need GMS. Let's see how the virtual Android system directs the Google service back to Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro.
A Brilliant way to avoid virus/malware on Android
Are you afraid of malware and virus? I think yes. No one would like their information stored in the smartphone, like credit card info to be stolen by hackers. How could we tell if an app contains malware? Let's see how the virtual android system could help you out.