"We are not just making a difference,we make it even bigger."
The muse of VMOS comes from the Android. After a long term of exploring and developing a method to avoid the risks of root and the compatibility issue of some apps, we finally got the concept and found out of it. That's VMOS. Virtual Machine Operating System.

How to use Google Service on Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 pro
On the recent event in Munich, Germany, Huawei announced its new smartphone: Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro. With high-end technology units inside, the devices are very likely to be listed on top 1 android phone this year.However, as one of the outcomes from the current tensions between China and the US, t
A Brilliant way to avoid virus/malware on Android
For the growing of technology, smartphones nowadays are becoming mini-computers, from which we acquire benefits and make our life changed. But on the other side, what's the thing we afraid most when playing a computer? The answer would definitely be a virus.You may consider that smartphones are
Best Android Games by Type 2019
When it comes to mobile gaming, as its open and free system, Android is no longer in the shadow cast by IOS. You can download games easily from almost everywhere, instead of only from one store, and could also edit something inside or outside of games freely if you understand how it works. Owning a
Use one Android Smartphone to Play Live/Learn Music
There are lots of apps now to enable us to play and learn music on our smartphones, which makes it quite convenient for normal people getting access to the hall of music, or musicians writing music anytime when they come up with ideas. Some of them focused on play the instruments and record the piec
Prevent your data from remote wiping by the company
As more and more companies require their employees using business apps or store relevant information on their devices, how to protect the data becomes a hard nut to crack. Under this circumstance, some of them involved the “remote wipe permission”. By signing the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) agreeme