Cannot Rooted By Magisk? It's OK


A detailed tutorial for rooting mobile phones that Cannot Be Rooted By Magisk.

Functions of Magisk

· Integrated root (MagiskSU)

· Log of Root and Magisk 

· Magisk Hide (Hide Magisk's root permissions, for Snapchat, Android Pay, PokémonGo, Netflix, etc.)

· Provide systemless hosts support for ad blocking applications

· Pass SafetyNet inspection

· Magisk Function Module

As to the problem that cannot be rooted by magisk, there is a way to root —— VMOS

It is an Android emulator with root. There is no need to root your phone itself, you can have another Android phone with root on your phone by using this virtual master.

How to use:

1. Search for VMOS on App store or, download and install it.

2. Open it: Congratulations! You got an Android virtual phone with root permissions.

3. Search and download magisk from search engine on VMOS. 

This step can also be implemented in another way: VMOS supports copy application of mobile phone to it. So if you have already downloaded magisk on your mobile phone, just copy.

4. Open magisk in VMOS to perform root authority management on the rooted VMOS.