Knox/Root fuse blown of Samsung mobile phones?


Knox/Root fuse blown of Samsung mobile phones are irreparable. 

If ROOT in Samsung phone, there are several things attention.

1.Warranty is not available. 

2.Samsung pay cannot be used.

3.Secure folder cannot be used. 

Therefore, it is not recommended to root Samsung phones.

But there are still many people who want to enjoy ROOT. 

Here for a guide of How to use root functions without rooting their phones.

1.Open search engine, enter the official website to download VMOS Pro.

2.Add a simplified version of the virtual machine, enable virtual machine ROOT permission.

3.Download or import the APP that you want to use the root function into the virtual machine.

VMOS Pro is a Android emulator on a mobile phone, comes with ROOT, XP, and Google functions. 

It is a virtual machine that can be rooted without rooting the mobile phone.