List of Stuff VMOS Could Help For Android

blog-list By C.Cherry

Do you want a background Youtube player? Is it annoying when your music playlist was occupied by games? Unable listening to the radio broadcast from the background? There're several occasions that we couldn't fully enjoy spare time as our wishes with Android devices.

Although there're several solutions for these glitches, some of which take too much hassle like adding codes, moving files, etc. Here I'd like to list out 3 of what VMOS could diversify for your daily use of the smartphone.

Let's check it out.

1. Youtube Background Playing

With VMOS, you can watch videos from Youtube or other apps/websites at the same time when doing anything else, regardless of they've got a background playing function or not. Here's the example:

As you can see, I'm watching youtube in a floating window when waiting for the loading of hearthstone.

The steps are quite simple: 

a. open Youtube in VMOS, choose the video you'd like to watch; 

b. maximize it to the full screen and tap "Minimize" in the floating ball;

c. Tap the ball again in the physical system, and drag the window to your preferred size.

Would like to change videos? Just click the pinpoint on the upper left corner and VMOS will become a floating Android system.

2. Listening to Music When Playing Games

Did you encounter an issue, that when playing PUBG, music playing background stopped automatically, and the only thing you could hear is the sound/music inside of the game?

Would you like to listen to music when playing PUBG, without having to turn all the sounds of the game off?

VMOS can make it.

Turn on Spotify or other apps in VMOS, play the music.

Then tap minimize and open PUBG.

If you wouldn't like to switch the song, just leave it there. Music will be playing all the time inside of VMOS no matter what you do in the physical system.

If you'd like to switch/choose the song, open the floating window as I mentioned previously. And then minimize it.

3. Listening to Radio Broadcast in Background

Since nowadays, broadcasts are not as popular as before, especially on smartphones, many radio broadcasting apps are actually lacking of optimization. For some broadcasting apps, if you press the home button, the playing will be ceased immediately.

It's also resolved by VMOS.

Just do it as the situation #2, and you'll enjoy the radio all day long. Listening ebooks are also adapted.

What's your favorite way of using VMOS? Have you tried these 3 ways listed here? Let us know your ideas!