How to use Google Service on Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 pro

blog-list By C.Cherry

On the recent event in Munich, Germany, Huawei announced its new smartphone: Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro. With high-end technology units inside, the devices are very likely to be listed on top 1 android phone this year.


However, as one of the outcomes from the current tensions between China and the US, there's a big shortcoming for the series, which is GMS (Google Mobile Services) is no longer available on the devices. Huawei's CEO, Richard Yu has confirmed that GMS will not be preinstalled on Huawei Mate 30 Series, nor will sideload works. 


Despite the fact that Huawei has its own ecosystem -- Huawei App Gallery, with a fair reputation to be considered to exceed Google Play in the future, we do still need GMS presently. Think about all the data, such as game records stored there, you may lose a big part of it for changing a new device. 


So what should we do? Just not using Huawei's new series? To our pleasant, ways for solving this issue has already been published on lots of websites with detailed tutorials. But, as a non-professional Android user, is there a simple method to deal with that? The answer is, yes.


I bet all of you have heard or used the virtual system before. By using a virtual system, we could handle varieties of situations easily which are thought to be hard-asses, and could expand the usage of our devices. So, as I just mentioned, the issue of Google Play & Huawei could also be sorted out easily by using a virtual Android system.


Let's see how it works here:

First off, we could download an app called VMOS, which could run an independent Android system on devices.


From the pictures, we could see Google Play has already preinstalled in VMOS. Will it work for logging in accounts and downloading apps? Check these out:


Now, the issue has been solved without trouble. GMS and all the apps could be installed and run in this virtual system smoothly. Instead of being banned by Google, VMOS managed it again.


Here's the video displaying the process:


Anyway, as a loyal user of Huawei, I hope that in the upcoming new series, Huawei could provide us with rapid wows, and make its hard and soft products great.