How To Deal With the WIFI Issue in VMOS Virtual System

blog-list By C.Cherry

From the version 1.0.31 of VMOS, the icons for "WIFI", "Bluetooth" has been removed from the virtual machine. This was because we've received feedbacks that these icons are no more than "decoration", they do not have anything effective.

As our team is always focusing on the experience of users, we decided to delete these icons in case of further misunderstandings. However, after that, we do receive new feedbacks, on there's no WIFI connection after upgraded VMOS.

So, in this post, I'm going to share a method on how to connect WIFI inside of VMOS, which would be useful for all versions later than 1.0.31.

Time to start.

4 Steps' Guidance

#1 Connect WIFI In the Physical System

Before entering VMOS, please ensure your device's already been connected with WIFI. VMOS is always sharing the same network environment with it.

#2 Run VMOS and Open Up Settings

After VMOS's started, click the "Settings" button at the bottom of the screen.


#3 Go To System Setting

Enter the system setting, and search "wifi" on the top side. Tap "Wi-Fi" from the recommending result.


#4 Turn on the WIFI function.

If you couldn't connect the internet inside of VMOS, the button would be showing "off", turn it on to connect wifi.

After all these steps, you'll be able to connect wifi in the VMOS Virtual Machine. Now go back to the home screen and enjoy!