How To Access The Hidden Easter Egg Games in Android

blog-list By C.Cherry

There're occasions that we've got nothing to do but would simply like to kill time. As we know, Android is an extraordinary system with a variety of functions. Then, have you ever think about that, the system itself would help you pass the boring time? The answer is, of course.

Although the easter egg has been modified in Android 9 Pie, it's still fine to disclose in the virtual root system of VMOS with Android 5 Lollipop.

In this post, I'm going to show you how to get access to that "flappy bird" game in the virtual machine. I'd also introduce the other 3 games hidden in the apps you daily used.

Let's move on.

Game #1 "Flappy Droid" -- The Lollipop Game

Required Tools:

An Android device

VMOS app


1. Install & Run VMOS

To find out where's the egg is, we first need an Android Lollipop system, which is just what VMOS got.


2. Go to "About Phone"

Tap the setting button on the bottom of the screen, then click system setting → About phone.


The trigger is right here.

3. Enter the Game

You can see an option called "Android 5.1.1" here:

Spam tap it very quickly for around 5-6 times until the screen becomes like this:

Tap the ball 5 times, then holding/long-pressing the "lollipop".

Now, what do you find out?

We've already entered the lollipop game, aren't we?

Tap the screen to start it. When you're failed, just tap the screen again to restart.

Game #2 "Dinosaur Surfers" -- Chrome Dino

Are you familiar with this guy?

It comes out when we do not have internet access, which is so annoying. However, it's only the surface. You'll certainly begin to like it as soon as knowing its secret.

Let's see.

Required Tools:

An Android device

Chrome app


1. Disconnect the Internet

Shutdown all the Wifi and Data connection of your device, make sure there's no network access.

2. Enter Chrome & Input Address

Open up Chrome, put an address in it. But make sure that the address requires internet access.

Here I put on Youtube.

3. Tap the Dinosaur

Here comes our old friend -- the random dinosaur. Try to tap it and see what happens.


Game #3 "Soccer Kick Ups" -- Messenger Football Game

We're almost talking on Messenger every day, but have you ever used this app to play games?

Check it out.

Required Tools:



1. Open Messenger and Start a Conversation

Open Messenger app and tap anyone of your dialogs.

You'd better pick a friend or your alternative account so they might not feel strange.

2. Send Out The Football Emoji

Find the football emoji and send it out.

3. Tap It

Tap the sent out football emoji. You'll be pulling into the game.

Now tap the football to start the game, don't let it drop as if you're kicking up a football in real life.

The score you've got will be ranked on the chatting page.

Game #4 "Messenger AR App" -- Messenger Basketball Game

This is another hidden game in Messenger. Repeat the steps in Football Game, but send out a basketball emoji instead. After tapping it, you'll be there on the gaming page.


Are you feeling boring now? I suppose yes as you've just finished reading this article. Don't hesitate, pick a game you'd most like to play and give it a shot. How the boring time flies!

Now it's time for the easter egg of this post. You can see in the first game of "flappy bird", I got 2 points in the virtual system. If you can make it higher than me, send the screenshot to the email address below for rewards!