Use one Android Smartphone to Play Live/Learn Music

blog-list By C.Cherry

There are lots of apps now to enable us to play and learn music on our smartphones, which makes it quite convenient for normal people getting access to the hall of music, or musicians writing music anytime when they come up with ideas. Some of them focused on play the instruments and record the pieces, some focused on the theory of the music.

Walk Band is a music-related app on Android which is similar to Garage Band on IOS. It has thousands of functions for users to play/edit their music. For example, if you’d like to make a piece of rock music, you can record your playing of drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, etc. and put them together, to become an instrumental version rock song.

However, there’s one thing: We can record the instruments one by one, but how could we play multiple instruments lively without pre-recording? Or, how could we use other apps for accompaniment in just one mobile phone?

Check this out:

We can see that by using this app, VMOS, there’re two ways for live or learning by one Android device.
1. Open the same app in the two systems, one for playing accompaniment and one for playing live.
2. Open different apps, one for playing songs or music from other apps, one for study its chords or other things, or make a bonus track for this song without any complicated recording/transferring things.

All you need is just one Android phone, and one free app VMOS, to enjoy tons of ways playing your own music!