Top 8 useful root apps for Android Smartphone 2019

blog-list By C.Cherry

It's known to all, that root an Android device could gain much more fun than usual. But what can we do exactly when owning a rooted smartphone? Or, what kind of apps could we use than normal, are they still available in 2019? 

In this post, I'm going to list out 8 apps that are specifically suitable for a rooted device (or in VMOS). Check them out.

MT Manager


MT Manager is a powerful file management app with several unique functions which most of the similar apps don't have:

1. Dual windows' displaying make it more convenient for viewing and modifying.

2. Open .zip files and edit the files inside directly.

3. Smartly edit all the txt files.

4. View photos, play music and run scripts.

5. APK editing

Titanium Backup

This is a famous backup app that all of us have to try. It has the function of multiple back-ups, group backup, planning backup, and freeze apps. The backup process is speedy and detailed, even the wifi list and widgets could be backed up.

Lucky Patcher

Don't miss Lucky Patcher if you've got a rooted device. Follow their guidance and you'll be able to open a new world for gaming on Android. The app includes hundreds of patches for common games while you could fully experience them without hassle.


I don't want to talk too much about this amazing app. Just one thing, install it! Tons of powerful functions are included inside, make your device be a superman among others.


Should we see ads on a rooted device? Of course not. AdAway managed to block nearly all the ads on your smartphone by modifying the Hosts file, which works like the Adblock on explorers. 

If you're tired of seeing all the ads, download AdAway and shut them out.

3C Toolbox Pro


One of the main concerns about rooting is power consumption. Fortunately, we've got a way to put it under control by using 3C Toolbox Pro.

The app could manage apps, battery, network, and process on the device, which we could modify them based on our needs.



Have you ever thought, that, make all the words on your phone looks vivid? Root has already provided you the key. Use Ifont in the root device, you'll find out thousands of fonts that could be put on in your device. Time to be fashion!

GMD Gesture Control


I suppose many of you have used or heard of the Activator on the iPhone, which makes it convenient for daily uses. However, GMD Gesture Control on Android is even more powerful.

The app supports the touch of up to 5 fingers and 8 directions. You can set the custom gestures for around 60 different kinds. If you're a gesture control lover, don't miss it.

Here're the top 8 apps for root Android smartphones, give it a shot. By the way, if any of them failed running on VMOS virtual machine, please feel free to let us know.