3 Steps to Resolve Lawnchair Issue in VMOS

blog-list By C.Cherry

Take a look at this screenshot.

Have you ever encountered the "lawnchair stopped" issue when using VMOS?


As we're keeping receive feedback from especially Samsung, HTC users, that they couldn't use VMOS in the very beginning because of the annoying problem, I'm going to introduce a simple 3-steps-way to get it resolved without having to uninstall and download VMOS again, or format your device.


Let's get started.

Steps for resolving "lawnchair stopped" issue

1. Shut Down VMOS.

When the issue happened, the very first thing we need to do is to shut down VMOS from the background.

2. Open Up Settings and Find VMOS

Go to "settings" of your physical system, tap "App Management" and find VMOS.


3. Clear Data

Select "Storage Usage" and choose "Clear Data". Tap "Clear" and it's done.


Now, just open VMOS again. After several taps, slides, and waits, we'll find the lawnchair issue's gone.

Have you resolved the problem by following this guidance? Are there any other issues pending to be sorted out? Feel free to drop us an Email.