A Brilliant way to avoid virus/malware on Android

blog-list By C.Cherry

For the growing of technology, smartphones nowadays are becoming mini-computers, from which we acquire benefits and make our life changed. But on the other side, what's the thing we afraid most when playing a computer? The answer would definitely be a virus.

You may consider that smartphones are not that easy to get a virus. Here's the data for the target virus that would most like to attack.

Let's say you are a big fan of a famous rock band. One day you got the news that they'll be holding a performance in your city, what a chance! So you are getting the ticket for it while sadly, found out it's been sold out. However, when you were regretting why not order it earlier, an app appeared and discribed that they have a function for ordering this ticket. So you download it from a curious webiste immediate. To your disappointed, it's only a stunt and couldn't do any help getting the ticket. Then you simply shut it off and fall asleep. Then, when woke up the next day, you were shocked to found out that the money saved in your bank card, which stored on your phone was gone, since the app downloaded yesterday was a virus.

This is not an assumption, but could happen at any time. Although Google Play now has the technology to detect viruses, sometime we may still download apps directly from other websites.

So how could we find out if an app contains virus or not before installing on our smartphones? 

VMOS could help you out.

When going to download an app from an unusual website, we could firstly run VMOS, visit & download it from the virtual system. Then, it's quite free for us to install, run and check that app without worrying to be infected. If it's not a virus/malware, we can decide to install it on our smartphone system or just leave it in the virtual one. If it is, we can uninstall it directly, or even uninstall VMOS.

See? Just a small app could help you avoid tons of potential risks. All you need is just enough room on your Android phone for VMOS, then you'll be out of virus and malware.